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How to Fix Meeting Gridlock - Dr Carrie Goucher

December 07, 2022 Amplified Group Season 3 Episode 16
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How to Fix Meeting Gridlock - Dr Carrie Goucher
Show Notes

If this title doesn’t appeal to you because you have meetings nailed - we want to talk to you! There isn’t a person or company we speak to that isn’t feeling the pain of meeting gridlock in this post pandemic hybrid working world.

It is for this reason we were thrilled to have Dr Carrie Goucher join us and share what she has learnt during her PhD at Cambridge University on this juicy subject. Sam and I literally spent the time picking Carrie’s brain on all the things meetings.  And it is all here for you to listen to!

We focussed on how to make a meeting successful - which, given we spend so much of our precious time in meetings, is pretty darn important to move a business forward at pace.

Carrie has also agreed to come back and talk about changing meeting culture in a company. We hope you learn as much as we did!

Additional Information:

You can find the link to the e-course mentioned by Carrie below. It is released on 31st January 2023 and is available now for pre-order:

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If you are interested in some of the other resources mentioned by Carrie such as the invitation template and the capture canvas (no sign in or email address needed), you can find them here:

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