Get Amplified

We are writing a book and we need your help! Join Amplifiers Vic & Linds on our TeamX journey

April 28, 2023 Amplified Group Season 4 Episode 5
Get Amplified
We are writing a book and we need your help! Join Amplifiers Vic & Linds on our TeamX journey
Show Notes

We’re writing a book! We have the structure and contents – we just need some real-life stories to support each of the chapters to bring the book to life. 

And that’s where you come in . . . we’d love you to be part of what we’re doing. 

About the book

Title: Finding your TeamX™ - Why leave teamwork to chance when there is a proven process? 

If only there was a way to take all the best bits of how we work together as a team and make it sustainable all the time – wouldn’t that be great? Read on…   

You’ve just stepped up to lead a team. You’re going to be unstoppable together. You dream of great collaboration, of team members not hesitating to help each other. Your team members can’t imagine working anywhere else. Together you’re a leading light in your organisation. 

So where do you start?   

When we learn about business we are taught about organisational structure, finance, go-to-market strategy, and sales, but we are not taught the process of building a strong team. 

Should it just be down to luck?

We don’t think so. We think this should be taught, which is why we’ve created this book about building great team experience (we call it TeamX™). We want you to know what we wish we’d known 20 years ago.   

Discover a pragmatic operating system that can help any team work more effectively together.   

When we enjoy what we do and feel supported, both the people and the business benefit.  After all, you are the best asset your business has!   

Chapter Contents

If you think you have a story that fits with any of the titles below, good, bad, or ugly, we would love to hear from you! 

Part 1 – Purpose 

Chapter 1: Find your purpose beyond the numbers 

Chapter 2: Take off your functional hat - The importance of having a joint purpose 

Chapter 3: Point to your North Star 

Part 2 – Trust 

Chapter 4: Understand your team dynamics  

Chapter 5: Gain psychological safety 

Chapter 6: Hire based on values 

Part 3 – Clarity 

Chapter 7: Build guard rails 

Chapter 8: Gain alignment 

Chapter 9: Enable accountability 

Part 4 – Simplicity 

Chapter 10: Order your priorities 

Chapter 11: Agree what you are stopping 

Chapter 12: Build simplicity as a habit  

Book Recommendation

Here’s a link to the Steve Jobs eBook that Vic referenced:

Make Something Wonderful | a book from the Steve Jobs Archive

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